We often create events that draw thousands of people to our bazaars, caravan fairs and boot sales. Just like the one below.

Samson Oh

Serial Entrepreneur | Advisor | Investor


Samson Oh has co-founded multiple businesses in several SEA countries and has made a name for himself as a man with a big heart. He has mentored hundreds of executives and managers over his 20 years of entrepreneurship career.

But Samson wasn’t born rich. He struggled with poverty growing up and lived in a rat-infested apartment at Imbi, the red-light district of KL. He was also constantly bullied in school for being dyslexic and many teachers thought he was stupid.

All these challenges didn’t discourage Samson but it empowered him to keep trying. His life was transformed when he met mentors who gave him chances. Today, he wants to give more opportunities back to hungry Malaysians who are willing to fight and do what it takes. Simply because everyone deserves a chance.


Steven Cheah

Steven Cheah has helped many MNCs and governmental organisations with their software needs. Some of them include Bank Negara Malaysia, Port of Singapore Authority and Land Transport Authority. He was previously the CTO of Microsoft Singapore and has extensive experience in building complex software architecture.

Steven believes in empowering Malaysia so that more Malaysians can have a better life. That’s why he joined Samson in building Malaysia’s biggest social movement. He’s responsible for building user-friendly technological architecture for Spark Nation.

Head of operations

Jennifer Chai

Jennifer is the Head of Marketing and Ops for Spark Nation. She co-founded Spark Nation with Samson because she believes in the vision of making a better Malaysia for all its citizens.

Jennifer is responsible for spearheading Spark Nation’s marketing and operations processes to impact more people. Her goal is to impact thousands of Malaysians in the coming years.