Who We Are

We help Malaysians lead better lives by giving them the right mindset, opportunities and platform to succeed.

Let join forces together to build the biggest brick and mortal business on wheels that will transform the nation no matter who you are.

A driven group of average Malaysians with a dream to change the world – starting with Malaysia.

We Want To Change The World And Make It Better – Starting With Malaysia, Our Homeland.

A group of Visionary Entrepreneurs who want to Spark Change across the world – Starting With Malaysia

We run one of Malaysia’s Fastest Growing Social Enterprise

Spark Nation

to change lives, transform people and impact the country.

Find out why

We can help if…

You don’t have a job and you want an income to provide for your families.

You’re not earning enough for your job and you’re struggling to support your family.

You’ve just graduated from university but you can’t land a job

You have a business on wheels but don’t know how to expand

You simply want to be part of this movement.